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TEO A world of cheerfulness and joy in ten months of dogs’ life:  A reading for children and adults -   by Libia Vallauri Pagliarino  (Book translated from italian into English by Consuelo Tuzio)

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INTRODUCTION                    TOP

Teo is a puppy about three months old, a very sweet and funny golden retriever. In this short story the puppy, almost humanized, becomes the main character and tells his ups and downs describing with love the “strange” way his family behaves, in order to bring him up properly. As a result, we have funny life breaks inside the truth of daily little things. A world of cheerfulness and joy will involve the reader making him smile and bringing to him the love for animals, surrounded by wonderful photos of Teo.


CONTENTS                        TOP

Chapter 1 - First discoveries

Chapter 2 - Family life and walks

Chapter 3 - Social life

Chapter 4 - Extraordinary holiday

Chapter 5 - I love travelling

Chapter 6 - A misunderstood choice

Chapter 7 - Everybody at school

Chapter 8 - A lot of soap

Chapter 9 - I will become an athlete

Chapter 10 - News and a “little” problem

Chapter 11 - Happiness